How can I up- or downgrade a contract?


If you want to upgrade or downgrade a contract, go to the contract details of the customer concerned via the Customers tab by clicking the contract ID.


In the contract details press "Perform Action" and select "Up-/Downgrade" in the drop-down menu. 


In the Upgrade/Downgrade menu, select the new plan, the plan variant, and the change date.

If you want the contract to continue to run seamlessly without restarting the contract terms and cancellation periods as a result of the upgrade at the time of the change, check the "Inherited start date" box.

If you want to bill metered usage components that have already been posted but not yet billed directly with the up/downgrade, select the checkbox "Trigger interim billing for metered usage.

If you activate the checkbox "Require payment", the up-downgrade automatically fails if the invoice amount cannot be collected.

In addition to the existing components, you can now add further components or post discounts and additional invoice items. Existing components are not changed by the up/downgrade and must, if desired, be adjusted before the up/downgrade.

At the end of the menu you will see the customer's existing contract and the new contract after the upgrade. Click "OK" to complete the upgrade or downgrade.


You can now see the current and future plan variant in the customer's contract details.


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