How can I change an incorrect address in an invoice?


If your customer's contact details have changed and the generated invoice has already been sent, you can correct invoices in the system. billwerk will then create a new invoice with the new data and a credit note is created that nullifies the old invoice.

To correct an invoice that has been sent to an incorrect address follow these steps:

1. Change the "Customer Details" by going to the customers tab, clicking on a name and selecting "Edit".

2. go to the sent invoice via the documents tab by pressing the document number


3. Create a preview of the new invoice via "Perform Action" > "Correct Invoice".

4. Confirm the new invoice with the "Create" button

This creates a correction credit note for the old (incorrect) invoice to the old address on top of the new, corrected invoice.

If your document could not be edited using the correction function, you must correct it manually. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Make sure that the old customer data is still stored in the customer details.
  • Go to the customer's contract details and select "Execute Action > Manually Create Credit Note" and issue a manual credit note for the old document.
  • Now, correct the customer data in the customer details
  • Afterwards, navigate to the customer's contract details again and press "Perform Action > Manually Create Invoice" and issue a manual invoice to create the corrected document.


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