How can i use the hosted signup page and the hosted customer portal?


The hosted order page and the hosted customer portal offer an easy way to integrate ready-made self-service forms into your own website.

Both the order page (Hosted Signup, registration form) and the customer portal (Hosted Customer Self-Service Portal) can either be reached via a link and passed on to your customers, or you can integrate the pages into your own page via iFrame. In the developer documentation you will find here the function to request the self-service token for a specific customer via REST API.

You can enter the hosted signup page at "Products > Plans > Plan variants" by clicking the hand-button.


Please take into account that you should activate the Checkbox "Allow self-service signup for this variant" in Plan Variant settings, so that the link with a hand-button became visible.


This is a sample page of the order form:


You can customize the colors of the page, add your corporate logo and select which fields shall be shown and are mandatory or optional. If you want to display this page in different languages, you have to save the descriptions in the wanted language. By adding the suffix ?language=en / ?language=de / or ?language=fr you can show an englisch, a german or a french signup page. You can find all the necessary options in "Settings > Integration > Self-Service".


You can find the hosted customer portal by going to "Customers > Contract Id > Perform Action > Create Self-Service Token" and clicking the link.


In this customer portal, the customer can change his invoice and payment data, see his current subsription, his balance, cancel his subsription and download his invoices and credit notes.


If you do not have your own login area for your customers, you can also send the link to the customer portal with every new invoice/credit note or reminder e-mail. To place the link in the e-mail, go to "Settings > Documents > Invoices > E-mail template" and place the placeholder {SelfServicePortalUrl}, which will be replaced by the temporary personal link.

You can store the same placeholder in the credit notes e-mail template and the reminders e-mail templates.





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