1. Configuration in your Heidelpay account

You have to set the following configuration in your heidelpay account:

  • Activate notifications using this URL as a receiver address: https://app.billwerk.com/PSPWebhooks/HeidelpayPushNotifications
  • Activate the setting, so customers don't come on a blacklist, when there was a return debit note.

You cannot change these settings yourself. Please contact the heidelpay customer support to trigger the changes. 


- The integration does currently not support 3D Secure

2. Configuration in your billwerk account

You can find the Heidelpay settings inside billwerk in "Settings > Payment settings > Heidelpay".


3. Test data

To create successful signups, for test customers and real ones, you have to enter an email address and a full invoice address.

You must have Heidelpay enter the following URL as the receiving address for notifications for your test account: https://sandbox.billwerk.com/PSPWebhooks/HeidelpayPushNotifications

Credit card


Card numer 5453010000059543
Expiry date Any date in the future
CVV 123
3D secure password secret3


Card number 4711100000000000
Expiry date Any date in the future
CVV 123
3D Secure password secret3


Direct debit Germany

BLZ 37040044
Account number 5320130
IBAN DE89370400440532013000

If the test data should not work, please see here: https://dev.heidelpay.de/testumgebung/ for current test data.

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