How does the account reconciliation work?


1. General

If you use Wirecard as a payment service provider, you will be automatically informed by Wirecard about return debit entries via a reconciliation import. If you use Wirecard's new API Elastic Engine, you will also be automatically informed about credit card chargebacks via the reconciliation import.

The matching files are retrieved daily by billwerk from the Wirecard SFTP server, read in and the information contained is assigned to the corresponding contract accounts and booked.

Generally, billwerk carries out the account reconciliation automatically. However, if there are incoming payments that could not be assigned automatically, these payments can be assigned manually. To do this, go to "Activities > Reconciliation". There you will immediately see all unassigned incoming payments. You can now assign or ignore these payments.


2. Manual assignment to contract

To assign a payment, click on "Assign" and then search for the desired contract account in the menu. You now have two options. Either you assign a payment to the contract account, then this payment also changes the account balance of the contract, or you only confirm a previously "unconfirmed" payment in the contract account.

For an assignment to a contract, enter the desired amount, whether the entire amount should be assigned or only a partial amount and then click on "Assign".

The transaction is now listed under "Assigned" and the payment is posted to the contract account accordingly.


3. Manual assignment to unconfirmed payment transaction

If you want to enter a payment for an existing unconfirmed payment, proceed as follows:

Click on "Assign" and search for the contract or customer in the search field. The customer then appears with his unconfirmed payments.


Select there the single payment transaction (square box), not (!) the round button at the customer, otherwise the balance is changed and click on "Assign". You must then repeat this for all other payments.

You now can repeat this process for all all payments you want to assign.


4. Problems when importing the reconciliation file

If the reconciliation file could not be read in automatically, the most common cause is an expired password for access to the Wirecard SFTP server. Contact your Wirecard Account Manager or Wirecard Support directly and have the password reset. Now assign a new password in Wirecard and save the new password in your billwerk payment settings. To do this, go to "Settings > Payment > Payment settings > Wirecard", press the "Edit" button and enter your new password in the "Reconciliation import" area.


When you next regularly retrieve the files the next morning, all files that have not yet been downloaded will now be retrieved and imported into billwerk:


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