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0. Introduction

Wirecard is a reliable payment service provider offering credit card payments and SEPA direct debit payments.


1. Configuration in your Wirecard account

For creating an account at wirecard you need the following data:

  • Company name and the origin of your head office
  • URL of your website
  • Contact person
  • Expected monthly revenue
  • IP address for call of "RECON" files:

 Following configuration has to be set in your Wirecard account:

  • Checkout Seamless or Checkout Page
  • Autodeposit has to be controllable with API parameters
  • Recurring
  • CVC for recurring credit card payments is optional
  • "2 Step Process" for SEPA direct debit
  • Account reconciliation via SFTP (Call of "RECON" files)
  • TLS must be version 1.2

Note: The settings have to be set by your Wirecard account manager and can't be done by yourself.

Following settings can be configured by yourself:

  • You can chose between the hash algorithms SHA512 and HMAC_SHA512. Save the same hash algorithm inside the billwerk settings


If you want to use SEPA direct debit, you have to save your creditor-id in your billwerk account in "Settings" -> "Company" -> "Creditor Identifier".


2. Configuration in your billwerk account

  • If you want to use SEPA direct debit, you have to save your creditor-id in your billwerk account in "Settings" -> "Company" -> "Creditor Identifier". For test purposes you can use DE98ZZZ09999999999.
  • Besides the configuration, mentioned above you have to configure Wirecard inside billwerk. Go to "Settings > Payment > Payment settings > Wirecard" for entering your data. Click on the "Edit" button there.



Enter the following data, which you can find inside your Wirecard account:

  • Integration Type (Checkout Seamless / Checkout page), as configured in your Wirecard account
  • Hash Algorithm, as configured in your Wirecard account
  • CustomerId
  • Secret
  • ShopId
  • Password for back-end operations (Checkout Seamless / Toolkit-Password)
  • Reconciliation import username
  • Reconciliation import password

Beware! You can change your password for the initial login at Wirecard, but the password for backend operations will be the old one. Insert in any case the password delivered by Wirecard in billwerk.

Insert all your data and save the changings. In payment provider overview Wirecard should be displayed as "OK". Activate all the wanted payment methods and press the "Save" button to activate all usable payment methods via Wirecard.

Please consider that the activation of your Wirecard account may take a time and has to be fully configured before using Wirecard via billwerk.


3. Test data

You can use the following test data for the Wirecard Demo Mode (https://guides.wirecard.at/wcp:demo_mode):

CustomerId:   D200001
ShopId: seamless
Password for backend operations jcv45z

Notice: The Wirecard demo access is only open for signups and payment changes. Recurring payments are not possible. For recurring payments you have to get an own test account by Wirecard.

Important: When you are using the Wirecard demo access, you have to set the hash algorithm to HMAC-SHA512 in your billwerk account.

You can use the following payment methods and test data. If the testdata should not work anymore, got to https://guides.wirecard.at/wcp:demo_mode to check, if there are new payment data available:

Credit card 

Card holder Any card holder name is possible.
Credit card number 9500000000000002 Mastercard without Mastercard SecureCode (SSL only)
9500000000000001 Mastercard with Mastercard SecureCode
9400000000000004 Visa without Verified by Visa (SSL only)
9400000000000003 Visa with Verified by Visa
9600000000000005 Maestro with Maestro SecureCode
9100000000000006 American Express (SSL only)
9100000000000005 American Express with American Express SafeKey
9200000000000007 Diners Club (SSL only)
9300000000000008 JCB (SSL only)
9300000000000009 J/Secure™
9110000000000010 UATP (SSL only)
9090000000000011 Discover (SSL only)
Expiration date Any date in future is possible.
Card verification code (CVC) Any number with 3 digits is possible.


SEPA direct debit

You can use any IBAN with a correct syntax and check digit. Example:





Konto Inhaber

Any alphanumeric text is possible


Note: If you are using the Wirecard Test Mode (https://guides.wirecard.at/wcp:demo_mode) then you have to test with the following test data:

For 3-D Secure

Brand Card number Expiry date CVC Issue no. ACS password
Visa 4012000300001003 01/2019 003 - wirecard
Mastercard 5413330300001006 01/2019 006 - wirecard
Maestro 6799860300001000003 01/2019 003 - wirecard
American Express 375987000000005 01/2019 1005   wirecard


For non 3-D Secure

Brand Credit card number Expiry CVC
Mastercard 5500000000000012 01/19 012
Visa 4200000000000018 01/19 018
American Express 370000000000010 01/19 0010
JCB 3528000000000015 01/19 015
Diners Club 38000000000014 01/19 014
Discover 6011000000000012 01/19 012

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