What is the ZUGFeRD standard, what advantages does it offer and how is it implemented in billwerk?


What is the ZUGFeRD standard?

ZUGFeRD stands for Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland and is a uniform standard for the electronic transmission of invoice data in Germany. The aim of the standard is to harmonise the exchange of information between companies and with public authorities.

What concrete advantages does the ZUGFeRD standard offer? 

With the standard, the information contained in invoices can be read and processed automatically. This enables both you and the recipients of your documents to automatically transfer the invoice data to third-party systems with little effort. With the help of the standard, the entire content of the invoice can be transferred to an ERP system such as SAP. 

How is the ZUGFeRD standard integrated in billwerk? 

Invoices and Credit Notes in billwerk are generated as PDF files. billwerk uses the PDF/A-3B format, which complies with the ISO 19005-3 standard. You can view the PDF files sent in the "Documents" section.

An machine readable XML file with the name "ZUGFeRD-invoice" is attached to each PDF file.

billwerk supports the comfort profile of the ZUGFeRD standard in the current version 1.0. You can request the technical specification of the format on the ZUGFeRD website.

The ZUGFeRD standard is now optionally available to billwerk customers. billwerk customers can currently se and test the feature for free. If you are interested in testing the feature, please contact support@billwerk.com.


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