1. Configuration of your Adyen account

Let Adyen activate all payment methods you need. billwerk supports credit card payments and SEPA direct debit payments.

Step 1:

Set the "Capture delay" in your Adyen merchant account to "manual". To do so, make sure to switch to the merchant account on the top right, instead of the company account and then navigate to "Account > Settings" and select "Capture Delay" "manual". Finnish this step by pressing the "Submit" button.

Step 2:

Activate the "Recurring Details" under "Accounts > API URLs". 

Step 3 (only for live mode): 

Ask Adyen support to generate an endpoint for live payment transactions for you. If Adyen has already generated the endpoint you can view it under "Accounts > API URLs". 


If you want to use Adyen for SEPA Direct Debit payments, the configuration of your Adyen merchant account must be changed to the so-called "Auth flow". This configuration can only be facilitated by Adyen. Please contact the Adyen support to change the configuration. 


2. Configuration in billwerk and Adyen

The settings of the payment service provider in your billwerk account can be facilitated under "Settings > Payment Settings > Adyen".


Enter the name of your Adyen merchant account here as it appears in the Adyen user interface. 

The merchant account is marked in red in the following screenshot:


API Key:

In your Adyen merchant account navigate to "Account > API Credentials" and select the user ws@Company[your company name]. Now click "Genereate New API Key" in the "Authentication" section and paste the generated key in billwerk. Finish this step in Adyen by pressing "Save Generated API Key". 

In your Adyen merchant account navigate to "Account > Users" and select the user ws@Company[your company name]. Now copy the "Library location" link in the "Client-Site Enyrption" section and paste it in billwerk.


The "Standard Notifications" in Adyen must be activated for this key. Navigate to "Account > Server Communication" in your Adyen merchant account. Click on "Add" under "Standard Notifications". This will open a dialog box. Under URL, enter the address that you find in billwerk under "Settings > Payment settings > Adyen".

Now click on "Additional Settings" and select "Generate new HMAC key" under "HMAC Key (HEX Encoded)". Enter the HMAC key in billwerk and save the configuration with "Save Configuration" at the bottom of the page in the Adyen Portal.


Activate the following notifications:

  • Authorization
  • Chargeback_Reversed
  • Report_Available

After configuring the notification, you must now also subscribe to "Payment accounting". Under "Finance > Payment Accounting" make sure "Automatic generation" is enabled with .CSV as report type. 

Reporting User Name and Password:

A separate Adyen Reporting user is required to call up the reports.

This user is managed in Adyen under "Accounts > API credentials". Click on "Add new credential" and select "Report user" as the user type. A user name and password will be created automatically. You can then transfer both to the billwerk payment settings.


Make sure that "Merchant Report Download role" is selected.



Live Endpoint:

In Live Mode, the Live Endpoint generated in chapter 1, step 3 must be stored. 

3. Test data

Credit Card


Card Number 4035501000000008
Expiry Date any future date
CVC 737


Card Number 2223000048410010
Expiry Date any future date
CVC 737


Card Number 6445644564456445
Expiry Date any future date
CVC 737

Diners Club

Card Number 36070500001020
Expiry Date any future date
CVC 737

American Express

Card Number 370000000000002
Expiry Date any future date
CVC 7373

Cartes Bancaires

Card Number 4035501000000008
Expiry Date any future date
CVC 737

SEPA Direct Debit

IBAN Account Holder
DE87123456781234567890   A. Schneider
DE92123456789876543210 B. Schneider
DE14123456780023456789 C. Schneider


If you are looking for additional test data you can find the full list under this link.


4. Limitations

  • Adyen supports only Euro as currency for SEPA direct debits
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